Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top Delmon Young Trade Tweets

Are the Phillies working on a Delmon Young trade? Either way, here are some classy tweets about our big guy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philadelphia Tire Cleanup

Longest time ever for a post to come up, but wanted to keep this alive for testing & whatnot. So.

Last summer, SEER Interactive volunteered to do a tire round up. Basically, the city pledged $.50 for every littered and abandoned tire we picked up. It was a great team building activity that resulted in stagnant tire water in the face of our boss.

So after the tire juice got the best of Wil, we were able to collect a total of 346 tires. That translated into $173 raised that went to United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia. We also had several businesses match our tire count and raise an additional $250.

Really cool time for everyone. Streets were cleaned, fun was had, we all got a workout, and raised money for a charity t
hat helps disabled kids in our area.

The next time roundup starts July 11 and runs for six weeks. If you have a community group or company that would want to get involved, visit this tire recycling link to find out who to contact.

Abandoned tires, whether it's a beat up spare that was abandoned or a nice shiny new Pirelli MT60R motorcycle tire, it's litter and needs to be picked up.

How much room do 346 tires take up? A 26 foot box truck floor to ceiling.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Cause of Credit Card Debt

While hearing about another friend with tremendous credit card debt, I began to think about the causes:

1. It's not real money
2. Limits are set unrealistically high
3. Paying the minimums, while seemingly comfortable, isn't enough
4. Every department store wants you get their card and will succeed through a phenomenal sale.
5. The Yankees

I determined the real cause.

Monopoly. The board game monopoly.

No one plays full games of monopoly anymore. Hardly anyone plays it in their late teens and early twenties. I would like to think it's an even small number of mid-twenty year olds that play.

In the game (in case you didn't grow up as a human), you buy properties. You buy these properties with a limited amount of money. There is no monopoly credit card with a crazy limit. You can't buy Baltic if you don't have $60.

Money is saved, you form a budget (for about an hour or two until someone gets pissed and throws the board), collect from that budget, SAVE & keep buying until there's too much rent to pay.

When there's too much rent to pay & you have no more money, you can't do a transfer balance to the monopoly platinum card, you have to sell what you have or lose.

Lessons of how Monopoly should translate into the real world.

1. You buy with what you have
2. Save & buy more things while still paying rent
3. If you don't have enough money, you know you're not in a good position
4. You can't buy anything if you don't have the money.

Oh...and there's no get out of jail free card for most people, so don't go around being a DB.

Christmas is here. Everyone needs gifts. Spend wisely. Look for coupon codes. Actually...being the 15th now, it's probably too late.

Lastly, as a test, I'm trying to find out the best way to create a free website online. Updates to come.

AT & Tanzi

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Date Idea for Philadelphia

I'm not going to piece it all together, but here are some free options to make your date in Philly a little less expensive:

1. Thursday nights at Festival Pier: There's a free outdoor movie in the Plaza on Penns Landing every Thursday evening. They start at 8:30 in July, 8:00 in August. Free is free, except when it rains and is canceled like tonight.

2. Kimmel Center: The rooftop garden is a pretty sweet site to see. The Kimmel Center is on Broad and is basically a glass enclosed block of the city. Walk in, cut to the left down the black hallway to the elevators. They might be closed, but if you walk fast enough and confident enough, you'll get to see the view from many stories up.

3. Sounds of Salvation: I've heard this pick-up brass band twice while walking around Center City Philly on the weekends. They're usually found around 17th & Chestnut. Very talented young musicians playing some jazz & big band kind of sounds. If you like trombones, trumpet, & a little bit of snare, this is for you.

4. Phillies games in the Piazza at Schmidt's: The Piazza plays Phillies games on the ginormous tv that sits in the courtyard. Bring two lawn chairs and a blanket (when the Phils make the playoffs) and watch the game on the big tv.

5. First Friday: Probably one of the most known free events in Philadelphia, this is a great place to walk around for a first date. Most of the galleries in Old City are open and are free to peruse local artists & students creations.

So there are five free items to include into your evening. Not a free dinner in Philly, but definitely some options to save some cash.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Philadelphia Pop Collar Bars, Good Beer Bars

Quick list tonight after hearing too many conversations about bars. Listing out the top five pop collar (read douchebag) bars, then five bars where they won't serve light beer.

Popcollarville Bars:

1. McFadden's
2. Mad River
3. Tiki Bobs
4. Bamboo Bar
5. Drinkers (Old City or Center city)

Good Beer Bars:

1. Eulogy
2. Monk's
3. Bishop's Collar
4. Memphis Tap
5. Yager's (possibly changed names on 3rd between Market & Chestnut)

If you like popped collars, 23 year olds who will race you in chugging their "triple hopped" Miller Lite and 18 year olds in jean skirts, go with the first five. If you like good beer, knowledgeable bar tenders, & having conversations vs a thumping bass that could cause heart burn, the second five are for you.

Later this week? Top hipster bars & dive bars.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick & Cheap Philadelphia Dating Ideas

Alright, it's a dating survival blog and very little talk about dates or survival. We'll stick with the first one tonight.

Date Idea #1:

If you like Indian food, this is for you. There's a little place called Tiffin on Girard. Call in around lunchtime and order dinner for two. Park your car with two beach chairs, a large blanket, silverware & plates you don't care about, & a little bit of bug spray and leave it somewhere around Rittenhouse.

Hopefully your date lives somewhere in the city. If you need to, be cute (and green) and take public transportation to take a walk in the park.

What she doesn't know is that you already called Tiffin and they deliver. Anywhere. Pay ahead, be a super nice guy, tip well and doors open. Ask them to deliver the food to the corner of Locust & 18th. Hopefully your car is right there. Walk around the park and say nice things until you get a call that the deliver guy is there. Apologize to your date and say that it's a pet peave to never talk on the phone while out with anyone, but this call.....oddly about them.

Walk over to your car, take out the chairs & other items, grab your delivery, & set up for a nice night out in the park. If things go well and you want to head elsewhere, your car is right there. Probably with a ticket from the PPA. If things are just really relaxed, use your iphone Around Me app and let her decide where she wants to go.

Date Idea #2:

The Arbol cafe has some inexpensive simple meals. It's at 2nd & Poplar in Northern Liberties. While grabbing a little sumpin sumpin or drinkin it, start watching Peter Pan, The Lion King, or whatever other charming flick they're projecting on their wall. When the movie is over or when you get tired of singing Disney songs together, walk up to 3rd street. Hang a right towards Girard, then walk down till you see the horses that pull the carriages around Old City. If that's not cute, I'm not sure what is.

Both are pretty affordable, none involve Mad River. I think it's a win win.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Streets of Philadelphia (are awful)

When did the sewer grates become trashbins? I can't count the amount of Arctic Splash cartons that are inside. Is it just Fishtown & Port Richmond that learned this awful habit growing up?

"Alright kids, it's time to hold hands before you cross the street, so throw down your Arctic Splash boxes into the sewer and hold hands."

I think the most appropriate thing to do is to post signs that say "Uneducated People Litter" and place them around the neighborhood. It's entirely true. If you need to read up on some stormwater littering facts, here's some facts and a program that talks about the impact.

So, since posting signs around the city has become a fun prank, I think this could fit in and be cool. Possibly glue these signs on the street in front of sewers or post them around the schoolyard. Habits are hard to kick, so lets make the kids feel ashamed about littering from an early age to have a bigger impact.